Why Move Out When Technology is In?  

March 9th, 2021 | 2:00PM

Join Aware Care Network as they demonstrate the technology available to you that can help with managing medications, fall detection, telehealth, and so much more, all so you can continue to live at home.

Contact Aware Care Network on their website:


About the Aware Care Network
The Aware Care Network is a powerful set of  analytics platforms connecting elderly and vulnerable people to their families, clinicians, caregivers and call centers - providing cost effective, personal and enhanced quality of care.

  • supporting people with cognitive impairment and early onset of dementia

  • identifying anxiety and declining mental health

  • tackling isolation with voice activated devices

  • reducing dehydration and improving nutrition

  • creating holistic insights from multiple databases

  • early intervention for declining health and wellbeing

  • supporting re-enablement and discharge to assess

  • monitoring healthy homes

  • improving medication adherence and management

  • connecting loved ones, friends and professionals...