Attend the ANNUAL HAZAK Meeting on Zoom and stay to play BINGO with Celebration Magazine!

Scroll down to REGISTER FOR BOTH!

On May 20th at 10:40am, HAZAK will hold its Annual meeting to vote on the nominations for members of the Board of Directors to serve from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.  

After the vote you have the option to play Bingo with Celebration Magazine or sign off the Zoom meeting. 

1. The BINGO game will begin immediately following the annual meeting.  


2. If you would like to play BINGO, please register to receive your BINGO card link by email. 

3. The Celebration Magazine Team will EMAIL you TWO LINKS on MAY 19th. 

  • ZOOM LINK - This link will be where you will join the annual meeting and Bingo game on Zoom. 

  • BINGO CARD LINK - This link is your personal Bingo card.

  • You will receive your email by 12:00pm on May 19th.  

  • If you do not receive the email with your links, please check your junk mail first, then call Celebration Magazine at 469-532-2622. 

4. If you are using an ANDROID PHONE OR APPLE PHONE, watch the video below.  


5. If you have never used Zoom before, click on the video below for instructions or call Celebration Magazine at 469-532-2622. 

We look forward playing ZOOM BINGO with you!

How to use Zoom on your COMPUTER

How to use Zoom on YOUR IPHONE or ANDROID