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Health & Wellness for Seniors - Dallas, Texas
Feel better and live better with help from these amazing partners. 

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Coy's Kitchen

Coy's Kitchen & Catering

Good, healthy, affordable meals for the people we love. 


Do you want to enjoy home-cooked meals without cooking or paying too much? Coy's Kitchen provides door-to-door service with fresh menus and delicious meals, delivered personally by our team. Don't order frozen meals through mail order or pay too much for restaurant delivery services anymore. Let Coy's Kitchen take care of the cooking!


You Decide Your Meals

Weekly menus and selections delivered to your home.


Fresh Food Made Daily

We use the freshest ingredients for our customers.


Eat Well Without Breaking Bank

Pick from a variety of options with no meal over $12.00


Don't Get Stuck Eating the Same Old Thing

Coy's Kitchen has a rotating menu to keep your taste buds excited.


Call Coy's Kitchen today at 817-301-9912 to learn more about our Meal Delivery Services.


Fit Body Forever

972-855-8938 ext 0

Richardson Fit Body Forever is a small group fitness program designed for adults 55+ who want to build strength, boost stamina, and increase stability so they can keep up, stay sharp, and do more! We understand you’re in a season of life where your needs are different which is why our award winning small group fitness program is designed specifically for adults 55+ in a safe, fun, and non-intimidating atmosphere. All of our workouts are led by coaches certified in functional aging to keep you doing more of the things you love!

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