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HOW 2: Celebration Tutorial Program

Do you like learning how to do something new? Well, you can do it with Celebration Magazine LIVE's Zoom series How 2. Join experts and educators and learn how-to do that thing you’ve always wanted to learn to do.

Connecting with Instagram

May 25th, 2:00PM  | Only on ZOOM!

Instagram is another great way to stay connected to friends and family. Join Natalie, our social media expert, and the Celebration Magazine team to learn what Instagram is and how to set-up your profile. We’ll also include selfie and picture-taking tips and walk you through posting them onto your feed.

The Art of The Sandwich

June 3rd, 2:00PM  | Only on ZOOM!

Join Dan with Celebration Magazine Live for The Art of a Sandwich. Learn some fun sandwich facts and hear some fun sandwich stories, all while crafting an amazing late lunch.