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June/July 2020  Celebration Articles 


by Debra Saxon

What a whirlwind the past couple of months have been! We certainly felt the heat as we were getting ready to print the April/May issue of Celebration. No one knew what the effects of the pandemic would be on our little company. So, we asked for your help, and many of you responded. 

Over the past eight weeks, Greg and I would venture out of our house, facemasked and gloved up to go to our PO Box in McKinney.  There we would find little notes of encouragement, cards, and articles with inspirational stories to keep us motivated and, of course, contributions, which in total was enough for us to pay The SPOT rent for April, this meant a lot to us.

After getting the mail each time, we would sit in our car reading each note and letter, and of course, they all brought me to tears. 
All the while, I was working on obtaining the Payroll Protection Program so that I could keep our Celebration Team paid, There were a couple of weeks that I wasn't able to pay the team as we didn't have enough money coming in. But the Celebration team didn't let anything discourage them. They continued to work full schedules, creating new online Zoom programming and worked harder than ever to make sure that Celebration was still delivering our promises to you, and our Advertising Partners.  

Now, if you read my article about North Dallas Bank on the previous page (page 5), you know that after a long emotional battle we were able to obtain the Payroll Protection Program to keep our team paid and just last week,(May 15th) we also received the EIDL Loan from the SBA. This loan has allowed Celebration to pay off all of our obligations, take care of our bills, and continue to print Celebration Magazine, without missing any steps. 

Now that Celebration can operate without worry, we wanted to make sure that the money that sent in as contributions to Celebration continued to do good and help others who are in need...just as we were a few months ago. 

So, with all of this said, I would like to let you know that Celebration Magazine is PAYING YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS FORWARD. By the time you read this magazine, Collin County Meals on Wheels will have received a check from Celebration Marketing Group, LLC., in the names of every person who contributed to Celebration in our time of need. 

On behalf of all of us at Celebration Magazine, THANK YOU! Your kind words, love and support mean the world to us.  

Barbara G.
Betty S.
Cathy F.
Cheryl M.
Cissy K.
Corrine F.
Darrell and Carole Q.
David and Jackie S.
David F.
Dottie T.
Elaine S.
Enid D.
Gail D.
Genevieve R.
Gerald B.
Jill and Ken B.
Jerry and Orene B.
Joy L.
Joyce A. 
Kay J.
Kay S. 
Lee F. 
Lee L. 
Leisha R. 
Lillie W. 
Linda J.
Linda T.
Lynda G. 
Martha S
Martha W.
Matt and Donna H. 
Mimi and John 
Monica E. 
Moreen and Judge 
Opal A. 
Paul and Susan
Renee and Bob 
Sharon and Sam
Shirley WS
Terry H. 
Tonie and Melvin


by Debra Saxon

Growing up, I was a banker's daughter. My father, Jack, headed up small banks in Houston, Texas and, one of my fondest memories of him was when he would come home after work and tell me the stories of the small businesses and the owners he helped that day.

I remember those conversations fondly because my father was a part of building dreams...including restaurants, video stores, women's clothing shops, and service businesses. He helped our community grow by supporting the foundation - the small business owner. 
Starting and growing a small business is risky.  In the blink of an eye, a successful small business can turn from being manageable and profitable to well; you know the story.

Six years ago, in 2014, Celebration Magazine began working with North Dallas Bank, to advertise the bank in our publication. One of their checking accounts, by chance, was called the Celebration Club Checking (not affiliated with Celebration Magazine) and it just so happened to be specifically for seniors....we were the perfect fit to get the word out. 

Over the years, I talked about moving Celebration's banking to North Dallas Bank, and since I was a small banker's daughter, I knew the value of working with a small bank first-hand. But, as you know, things happen; life gets busy, and the thought of moving banks seemed so massive that I kept putting it off. 

Then two months ago, the world shut down.

When the Payroll Protection Program was announced, I knew that we needed to apply for this program as the funding would help keep the Celebration team paid as we worked through these crazy times. Unfortunately, my big bank of 22 years was unable to help me. 
But, little did I know, help was on the way. North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.,came to our rescue!

One evening, I received an email from North Dallas Bank, asking if I had obtained the funding for the Payroll Protection Program.  I had not, and the next morning, my phone rang with the news that I was hoping to get. North Dallas Bank,was able to help me!
From that moment moving forward, everything changed and, once again, I was reminded why working with a small bank, for me, was the way to go. I like personal service. 

Each North Dallas Bank staff member that I encountered through this process was caring, helpful, and made me feel as though my business was important to them.

They scheduled an appointment for me to come in to take care of the necessary paperwork of opening our new accounts...they even hooked me up with the Celebration Club Checking account, so that I could see first-hand how this account works. Again, personal service.
That night, I laid my head on my pillow for the first time since the beginning of this 8-week journey. I finally felt as though my bank cared about me and my business. 

Thank you, North Dallas Bank, I am forever grateful for your personal service, your employees, and your willingness to help; you now have a customer for life.

My father would be proud!

For information about the Celebration Club Checking account, call them today at 972-716-7100. They will be HAPPY to help you!


by Mary Frances Hansen 

I consider it such an honor to interview a special woman who has such an abounding love for helping others.  Janet Eng Rock is an awesome woman of many talents. She has been sewing since she was a little girl, and at the age of seven started making clothes for her Troll Dolls and Barbie Dolls. Janet's entrepreneurial skills started early.  When Janet was seventeen, needing money to attend college, she started a business of making silk flowers and sold them to pay for her education. Today, she and her husband are owners of three businesses.

One day Janet was talking to her friend in San Antonio, who told her two of their friends were working in the emergency room seeing patients with the COVID-19 and did not have face masks. Janet was immediately inspired to start making masks for the health care workers. She knew in her heart God had given her this assignment.  She put her sewing skills to work and over-nighted her first set of masks to the hospital.  At the same time, she realized this project was much more then she could do alone.  Being an organizer and a leader, Janet started organizing an army of volunteers to get this job done. She called upon all seamstresses she knew and challenged people on Nextdoor to help with the project.  She said, “If Rosie the Riveter could do it in World War 11, Sally Seamstresses can get us through this Pandemic.”

Before long she divided all volunteers into specialty assignments.  Some were making just the straps for the masks while others were cutting fabric.  Another group was sewing it all together.  She checked with different hospitals to obtain specifications for the best masks.  This led to harvesting the filament out of A/C filters and sewing it into the pockets of the masks.  To make it all happen, huge amounts of fabric would be needed.  Janet put bins on her front porch to collect cotton shirts, sheets, and any other fabric that would fit the bill.  When she awoke every day at 7:00AM, the bins were filled, and the work went on. Janet did not leave her house for an entire month.  She had her prescriptions delivered and people left groceries on her front porch.  When the dust finally settled, Janet and her army of helpers could be proud of what they accomplished. She said, “We have made and donated 2,959 face masks for health care workers.”

Janet has always had a helping heart, and as the saying goes...” This was not her first rodeo!”  She has gone on several mission trips to third world countries including Africa and India.  On a trip to Rwanda, she taught a tribe of Pygmies how to sew. It wasn't an easy task in the middle of the jungle with no electricity. They did it old school with “Treadle” machines. You probably remember seeing the old Singer Sewing Machines you had to pump with your feet to make them work. Preachers send Janet feedback everyone six months, and the Pygmy women have literally clothed their entire tribes and made a business of sewing to support their families. It is amazing what Janet has accomplished!

I applaud this unique woman as she so graciously shares her talents with others. There are not enough words to express the joys and blessings one gets from helping others. Remember Mother Teresa's beautiful quote, “A life not lived for others is not a life, not all of us can do great things, but we can do all things in great love.” Life is a gift from God, and it is about extending your hand to help another person.


by Pat Rogers

It is December of 1884 and a new opera house has opened on the square in downtown McKinney.  It could be in any town or small city during the period of time known as the Victorian Era (1837-1901); however, this particular opera house was the new elegant brick Heard Opera House in McKinney, Texas, population around 1,500 people. 

You are now on a journey back in time to a new place for “pleasure and fun”. There has been a Christmas Ball to kick off the season. It was beautiful with the women exquisitely dressed and coiffured; the picture of delicate and fashionable elegance. The men were dashing and debonair!

The 1880’s was a time of elegant living and lavish entertaining. One story in The McKinney Enquirer stated that “Nowhere else can you find more elegant ladies, nor men of such impeccable manners as here.”

During this period of time, it was unheard of for a young man to ask a young lady to accompany him to the Opera House without first asking her mother to come along and even sit between the couple. It was proper and expected that the young woman hold a parasol or fan in her own hands and the young man hold his own hat. 

Newspapers recorded a humorous and true story of a young man who became very emotionally involved in a “tear jerker” melodrama at the Opera House. He was sitting in the balcony and at the high moment of the play, just as the villain was about to do in the weepy, helpless heroine, he was overcome by the situation. He climbed over the railing, leaped down onto the stage, and yelled, “Don’t you worry, Honey, I’ll save you from this blackheart!”

Opera Houses across America were similar in design to the Heard Opera House in McKinney.  The first floor would typically have a “set of elegant business rooms” and above on the second floor would be a “handsome opera room”. There would be a capacious stage with raised seats on the sides and end of the room, giving the whole room a neat and most elegant appearance.

The front of the stage at the Heard Opera was paneled in red velvet with a circle overhead bearing the Lone Star. The front curtain had a seashore and a landscape with mountains in the distance.

The years flew by and there were some great performances! The 1890’s brought the musical comedies and Vaudeville Shows. 
 In 1892, the Christmas attraction at the Heard was The Barlow Brothers, featuring Master Eddie Percy, a handsome boy singer who “caught the house by storm.”

In 1893, “The Merry Comedy, Doctor Bill,” advertised that in “Act 1-You Laugh, Act 2-You Scream, Act 3-You Roar”.  It was acclaimed an outstanding success.

During the Victorian Period, people were highly interested and believed in the science of mind reading. Naturally these mind readers were highly sought after as good entertainment. One of the most famous mind readers of the day was Paul Alexander Johnstone who came to the Heard in May of 1894. 

He was famous because the prior year he drew national attention when he went to the Wind Cave in South Dakota where he was blindfolded after a “pin head” had been hidden in the cave.  Newspapers record that he found it after 3 days.  He then took his great mind reading skills on the road.  The Democrat said ” Paul Alexander Johnstone, a celebrated mind reader held forth at Heard Opera house.  He performed some wonderful feats which caused considerable discussion among our citizens regarding the science.”
On February 23, 1906, a most memorable event was held at the Heard Opera. The March King, John Philip Sousa, appeared with his band.  World renowned and a superstar of his day, an appearance by Sousa was a special event.

It was an electrifying performance, received with great enthusiasm by the McKinney audience. The McKinney Courier stated on 17th of February that “The House was filled to capacity and the program presented bore the stamp of perfection attained by this wonderful band master. 

The band itself and the music made by it is nothing less than grand. The “Stars and Stripes Forever” lives as a local legend in our McKinney history.”


by Dan Price

“Welcome to the family!” Debra exclaimed over the phone as I accepted my job at Celebration. I found this both funny and ironic as she was my older sister so family was implied and, aside from one salesperson, we were the team.  But over the course of seven years, Celebration has morphed and grown, adding new teammates, The SPOT… all changes for the better. Always evolving and ever changing. 

The one constant that remained the same was me. While everyone at the office was rocking out at the Rockin’ New Year party or getting wild at the Halloween Bake Off, I was still living in Austin, working on those events from the sidelines and only experiencing those gatherings and events through Facebook Live or from photos long after the event was over. Zoe and Debra would tell me all about it as I flipped through the pics of people enjoying snacks, laughing and getting down on the dance floor, pointing out certain folks and telling amusing anecdotes. 

Sure, I am a fixture at Live, Laugh, Learn, running sound and handing out lunches. And while all of you know Debra as the loving Mama Hen that she is, talk to Rosa on the phone, hang out with Zoe at functions, or chat with SJ on our social media pages, I was a mystery to you guys and frequently got the question,”what do you do here?”.  

Fast forward to this moment right here. You with me? Good. We’re nine weeks into the Covid-19 and you guys have turned into my daily pandemic buddies! Name That Tune, Zoom Bingo and even spinning The Wheel… all of that has been fun. But, do you want to know my favorite part is? It’s the 30 minutes before game time. In those 30 minutes, I get a real chance to chit chat with you guys, hear about your day, your kids and grandkids, and in some cases, have met your pets. I’ve seen your artwork, received recipes, and helped you figure out your virtual backgrounds on Zoom. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half during business hours. 

So, to our regular band of Boomer Zoomers: Paula, Toby, Larry, Susan, Wyvette, Dennis, Vivian, Carla, Teena, Bob, Jackie, Becky, Sheila, Beverly, another Bob, Hal, Fairen, Tom, Bitsy, Joyce, Deborah, Mary, another Mary, Robert, Debra, another Robert, Maxine, one more Mary for good measure, Janet (you know who you are, rhymes with Jello), Barbara, Beth, Mimi, Mamie and of course, my Mom, as well as all the rest of you beautiful people who have played games with us, laughed with us, enjoyed a cocktail during virtual happy hour and shared a part of themselves with the group, thank you for making my day everyday! You’ve given me a huge gift during all this chaos and allowed me to fill a huge void in my work life and really, truly feel a part of the community that we’ve all been building together.  

In closing, stay safe, wash your hands, and, most of all, keep having fun. I love you guys! 

PS. What did you have for dinner last night? :)


The Landon at Lake Highlands

“During one of the most challenging times of our life and careers, we are proud to say that we have truly amazing heroes working here. Times like these define our team and our community. This experience is bringing our residents closer together in ways we never expected.” -Eileen Flanagan Executive Director

This senior community has stepped up to keep everyone safe, healthy and spirits lifted. Covid can’t cancel fun at the Landon at Lake highlands. Their residents are continuing to live productive and healthy lives surrounded by their friends and heroic care givers. There is no better or safer place than senior living for America’s seniors. 


Emerson on Harvest Hill

As the world faces the rapidly evolving challenges of COVID-19, Emerson on Harvest Hill has remained steadfast in its commitment to local seniors and their families. Residents of the community and their families have found security in this time of uncertainty, with Emerson’s focus on keeping residents safe, healthy and comfortable no matter what the circumstance may be. 
Emerson on Harvest Hill takes the utmost precautions and safety measures to protect its residents in times of crisis. Each person entering the community has been approved to provide essential care or support; visitors are limited to those people only. In addition to the verbal screening questions being asked of each person, visitors must have their temperature taken and complete a form, prior to entry.  The community has also implemented daily anti-viral sprays of common areas that are utilized frequently by residents, such as the lobby, mailroom, laundry room and general store, to help mitigate COVID-19 and other viruses.

Amidst these unprecedented changes, the senior living community has found both residents and staff making special efforts to help one another. Those with sewing talents have created handmade masks for residents to wear and those outside the community have donated them as well. Staff members connect with residents daily by phone to check in and offer warm conversation and a listening ear during this time of isolation.

Even though the daily routine looks a little different, Emerson on Harvest Hill continues to provide the signature services and amenities its residents normally enjoy. Three chef-prepared meals per day are delivered straight to their doorsteps, and the community has increased personal assistant services to accommodate grocery shopping, haircuts, shaves, manicures, help with telehealth appointments and more. 

Despite the social guidelines preventing residents from gathering in large groups, the community has found ways to bring unique activities and special celebrations directly to each of them. With many residents normally participating in Emerson’s crafting group, the community now offers daily craft kits so individuals can “create” in the safety of their own apartment.  The community brings door-to-door happy birthday wishes, singing to residents with cupcakes and balloons, and also hosts outdoor concerts and parades to keep the energy lively.  The community will soon add more outdoor seating for increased social-distancing opportunities.
Moving forward, local seniors can trust Emerson on Harvest Hill to proceed cautiously and under the guidance of healthcare professionals. As a community, Emerson is proud to provide peace of mind to its residents and their families at a time when they need it most.  


The Johnson Firm

As Texas prepares to open more businesses and social distancing becomes more relaxed, our firm will continue with the precautions we have put in place for the well-being of our clients and team members. We are wearing masks, practicing social distancing, washing our hands regularly, and sanitizing surfaces we come in contact with.

We are scheduling appointments for a phone conference or virtual meeting. If you haven’t tried a virtual meeting yet, don’t worry, it’s pretty simple.  All you need is a phone or computer with a camera. 

We have set up a “drive-by and sign” service for our clients that are in need of documents being notarized in the parking garage of our building.  All you have to do is stay in your car, sign your documents, hand them to us to notarize or witness, and you are on your way. This keeps contact to a minimum and can usually be completed in just a few minutes.

Many of our independent and assisted living facilities have been very accommodating in allowing us the use of their employees as witnesses and some even have a notary on site to aid their residents in executing important documents.  Setting up a table and chairs outside of a widow is yet another way we are being creative in assisting our community in executing their documents.


by Zoe Frost

Times sure are different, and if you’re a super social extrovert like me, it’s definitely been odd. 

I think we can all relate to the oddness of it all.  If I am honest though, I am doing a lot better than expected, and I have so many of you to thank for that.  The Zoom activities that you have participated in brought smiles, laughter, and a feeling of closeness to this otherwise disconnected existence.   It’s allowed me to see so many familiar smiling faces that I miss and get to know some new ones!  So most importantly, I want to thank all of you for making my days much brighter!  

Another thing that has definitely helped is a new addition to our family.   We seem to collect the animals that people no longer want.   I am a sucker for an animal in need.  This is how it all happened.  

One night I get a text message from my mother-in-law, aka Mom, for my husband Lex to look at his phone. 

In the text from Mom is a blurry, far away picture of a dog with the message, “want a dog?”  Now, this, coming from our Mom, is unheard of.  She is not an animal person and tells us all the time we already have more than enough dogs.   

She found a dog running around her neighborhood without a collar or tags and hadn’t been able to locate the owner for several hours.  Her next message, “You don’t need another dog, but he is so sweet you should keep him.” 

I laughed because of the irony.  Next thing we knew, we were at Mom’s meeting the sweetest dog.  We brought him home and used Facebook to try to help find the owners.  Sometimes technology has its perks.  

Once the owners were located we learned they were considering rehoming him.  So, long story short, this sweet cuddle bug found his new fur-ever home.  He’s an almost-four-year-old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix, and he’s stolen my heart. 

He loves to snuggle and be in my lap while I work.  He is the epitome of a good boy.   

Once it is safe for us to all be together once again, I’ll have lots of hugs waiting for you, and depending on the day you may be in store for some doggy kisses too from the newest Celebration family member, Typhon.   


The Mansion of Wylie

Throughout these trying times, safety for our residents, staff, and prospects has been paramount. All common areas have been closed and all staff and residents are highly encouraged to wear a mask when out and about, in conjunction with the practice of social distancing. The office has remained open while providing onsite or virtual tours to individuals relocating, selling their homes, or simply wanting to make the move to our 55+ active adult community.

Each morning, our residents can begin their day with an inspirational quote, letting them know how deeply thought of they are and to keep on smiling despite the circumstances. Following their morning cup of coffee, they may partake in activities delivered to their doors, including: crossword puzzles, word scrambles, coloring sheets, trivia games, and articles of interest. As the day moves forward, numerous residents can be seen enjoying the sunshine, strolling along the tranquil walking trail, decorating patios, exercising and playing with pets at our enclosed off-leash pet park, and some even playing a tune on our white baby grand piano. After a daily dose of Vitamin D, residents are then able to participate in virtual “Wheel of Fortune,” hosted by Celebration Magazine. Thanks to Celebration for affording us the opportunity to sponsor one of these exciting afternoon events - thanks to Dan, Zoe, and Rosa! 

We all know it is better to give than to receive, and we here at the Mansions of Wylie aim to walk alongside our residents in serving our community. Taking advantage of current opportunities, each week we host a food drive supporting the efforts of Lakepointe Church in the feeding of over 2,000 hungry children - shout out to our residents!

As the work week ends and the fun begins, each Friday evening is a time in which our residents have chosen to reflect and honor those serving our nation. By stepping out onto their patios, turning on exterior lights, and joining others in the lifting of voices to the tune of “God Bless America,” the residents here at the Mansions of Wylie express their gratitude and patriotism in support of our first responders and selfless servants - thank you to our amazing residents!

We here at The Mansions are eager for the new opportunities that arise and to emerge from this time with a new perspective and outlook on ways to form relationships and bonds within our community. It is our privilege to honor and serve our residents and not only the city of Wylie, but the great state of Texas.
For more information about The Mansions at Wylie call 469-342-3539. 


Second Family Home Care

Here at Second Family Home Care, we have caregivers that are working out in the field, either in a seniors’ home or an assisted living or Memory care facility providing essential care for our seniors. We are dedicated to ensuring clients’ safety and health, including employees working in the field. We are doing this by asking screening questions before every shift of employees as well as our clients, and are in daily contact with each person actively working for us. 

Caregivers are some of the most wonderful, dedicated people, and fortunately for our senior community, they are considered essential workers. We feel blessed to be able to keep them working during this difficult time. Caregivers have a special heart for taking care of people, even while putting themselves at risk during this challenging time. 

We hear all over the news about healthcare workers, how dedicated they are, and how selfless they are, and it is true. What is not said are kudos for the tens of thousands of caregivers who are providing front line care. They are not nurses or skilled medical professionals and do not provide “healthcare,” but caregivers are the ones that help seniors with the everyday tasks we all do for ourselves without a second thought. 

Caregivers help by getting their clients up in the morning, assisting them with bathing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, getting them dressed, then making sure they are prepared nutritional meals throughout the day. The caregiver is the one who provides one-on-one care to our clients. It is the caregiver who comes up with ideas to keep their client active by doing exercises, playing games or cards with them, working puzzles, and simply being a great companion. Someone their client can talk to, laugh with, and live life! 

The next time you see a caregiver helping another senior, please stop and tell them, “Thanks for doing what you do!” It will make their day!


by SJ Middleton 

Hi, my name is SJ, and I manage Celebration Magazine's social media, and send you your weekly newsletters, all the way from Norway! 

I don't know if you've ever traveled to Norway, but it's a beautiful country with fantastic scenery and exciting culture. 
People love skiing, hiking, sailing, fishing, cruising, and cooking fresh baked goods. Maybe I'll share some recipes one day with y'all. 
Norway has a lot going for itself. However, they cannot bake donuts. It's something I'm profoundly missing about Texas!
Since the lockdown, the weather has been beautiful. Stavanger, Norway, is known for rain, so having sunshine every day has been welcomed with open arms.

I found myself going on more walks and embracing the beauty of where I live. (See that person on that huge rock doing a headstand? Yup, that's me exploring what Norway has to offer.)

The last 8 weeks have been different for everyone. In times where we've all been distancing physically, we've also been able to stay connected through technology.

Using technology, we've been able to stay connected with our loved ones, and even reconnect with old and new friends.
Seeing all the positive ways people have been connecting online reminds me of why I LOVE technology! 

Connecting via technology maybe different for many, but for me, it's a massive part of my life. 

Firstly, working with Celebration from the other side of the world makes me have much gratitude for modern-day technology, but what many people don't know is that I use it daily to connect with my loved ones.

I've been in a long-distance relationship with a Texan for nearly 6 years, so if I didn't have the technology I don't know what we'd do. 
My grandparents also live in Texas, and if you follow Celebration Magazine on Facebook and love the random articles and funny photos, you can thank my grandad, as he's an excellent source for my content creation. He's forever tagging me in his daily finds! 
He's my best friend, and because of softwares like ZOOM, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I'm able to connect with him daily.
I spoke about reconnecting with old and new friends, and because of Celebration Magazine ZOOM events, it's been my reality.
Even though I've never met any of you, I feel like I have. I look forward to seeing your faces. I love it when you comment on one of our Facebook posts, or when you SHOUT bingo on ZOOM. 

Honestly, my favorite Celebration Magazine LIVE event is our Virtual Happy Hour. I find myself wishing the hour would go slower when I listen to your amazing stories and get inspired by all of you.

These ZOOM events make me smile and are honestly my favorite part of my day, and because It's 9 pm where I am, it means I have to wait my whole day to enjoy them.

What makes me smile even more than being apart of the team that's creating these virtual events for you, is the number of people that we are impacting doing this. 

The number of emails we've received saying we are helping you get through these uncertain times has made me tear up a few times. And that people actually plan their day around them makes my face light up.

Connecting with everyone online is showing us that we have a duty to take what we do to the next level. 

I'm so proud to be a part of this team and I can't wait for the future of Celebration Magazine.  We won't let this be something that fades out. Celebration Magazine LIVE is the future, and we can't wait to show you.

If you need help creating a FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or TWITTER account or have questions about social media, please email me! I would love to help you and answer your questions. 


Total Hearing Care

We all know how COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives.  Fear.  Uncertainty.  Being more careful.  The group most vulnerable to this unknown virus are seniors, as well as people with co-morbidities, such as immune deficiencies and respiratory illnesses.   COVID-19 spreads quickly and easily in large groups of people, and this includes nursing homes and assisted living centers.  Upon learning this, many of these centers and retirement communities closed their doors to outside visitors to protect their residents, and rightfully so.

Total Hearing Care visits many of these communities to assist people with their hearing and hearing aids.  We help people who may not have transportation to our offices and people who may have dexterity issues who have a hard time cleaning their hearing aids.  However, because of the closings, Total Hearing Care has been unable to visit this population.

We got creative.  Dr. Paige Gainey, one of our audiologists who often visits these sites came up with a great idea.  She is currently working with the nurses and directors of our communities to help people who need assistance with their hearing aids.  Being aware of the risk of infection, she came up with a plan.  She collects hearing aids and takes them back to the office to service them.  This is how she accomplishes this:

1.She gives the centers individual boxes for residents to put their hearing aids in, along with their name and phone number.
2.Residents give these boxes to the nurse or concierge.  Then one of our staff picks up the hearing aids.
3.Wearing masks and gloves, and using disinfectant wipes, she and another audiologist, LeAnn Lipman, clean all the hearing aids, as well as check them to make sure they are working properly.  This is complimentary for anyone, including people who are not our current patients.
4.If they find repair issues with any of the aids, they call the resident to explain the problem and any costs associated with it.
5.Dr. Gainey types a short note explaining what they did and includes it in each of the boxes, which are returned to the retirement communities on the same day.
6.If anyone needs supplies, those are also included in the boxes and payment is taken over the phone.
This has been a wonderful program that has helped residents get the services they need for their hearing aids while respecting the social distancing that is so important for the communities.  If you live in a retirement community and think this program would benefit residents, please talk to your director to see if they would like to participate.  If so, have them call Malissa Rose at 214-827-1900 and she will coordinate with Dr. Gainey.


Family Praised for Their Honesty After Finding and Returning Bags Containing $1M in Cash

A Virginia family is being praised for their extraordinary honesty after they found—and returned—one million dollars in cash.
In May, a schoolteacher Emily Schantz and her family had been out on a weekend drive through Caroline County when they saw the car ahead of them swerve to avoid hitting a large bag in the road.

Although the Schantzes were unable to swerve around the object in time, they did pull over to the side of the road so they could move it out of the way. Assuming it was trash, they grabbed abandoned two bags off of the pavement and threw them into the trunk.

It was only later that the Schantzes opened up the sacks and found dozens of plastic packages filled with stacks of cash
Rather than keep the money for themselves, however, Emily and her husband turned it all into the police with the hopes of teaching their sons a valuable lesson in honesty.

Police investigators believe that the postal service had been delivering the bags to a local bank, but it is still a mystery as to how they ended up in the middle of the road—all they know is that the Schantzes deserved praise for their good deed.

“For someone so honest and willing to give that almost a million dollars back—it’s exceptional on their part,” Caroline County Police Major Scott Moser told WTVR. “Their two sons were there, so I put the lights on for them, but we are proud that they represented this county well by being so honest.”



COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time for many people and health organizations around the United States and the world. For us at PrimaCare, the comfort and safety of our patients and staff has always been a top priority and during this time of COVID-19 it has been no different. We recognize the pivotal role we play in the health and wellness of the members of our communities and understand the importance of being open and available for you at any time. Just as important as it is for us to be there for you in your time of need, it is also essential for us to do it safely and adapt to the current environment we are living in. 

Since COVID-19 began, we have created new and safe ways for our patients to be treated from Curbside Care to Telehealth, and placed extra emphasis on maintaining our sanitation and cleanliness standards. Curbside Care is designed to allow our patients to visit one of our facilities but remain in their vehicles while our providers come to them. This is especially important for our patients who are experiencing COVID-19 or viral symptoms, as they can stay in their vehicles and practice social distancing while reducing their exposure to others in the waiting room or lobby. 

Our Curbside Care program was rolled out at the end of March 2020, right before “Stay at Home” and “Shelter in Place” orders began to be issued by many states around the country. We understood the importance of adhering to these orders and practicing social distancing, but we knew these orders also emphasized having your healthcare needs addressed and doing it in a responsible way. So to continue to serve our communities we launched our Telehealth program which allows our patients to book an appointment and meet with a provider online. With Telehealth, you can access a provider from the comfort of your home or office via the HIPAA secure platform and even have your prescription sent to your local pharmacy.

While we did our best to give our patients options to be treated remotely, we understood that physically visiting our office was also important for many patients. Our standard and safety measures included, sanitizing rooms and equipment after each patient encounter, having our staff sterilize our lobby and waiting rooms multiple times daily and utilizing strategic room rotation relative to patient symptoms and treatments to reduce unnecessary risk and exposure.

As a whole, COVID-19 has been an adjustment period for us and our patients, but we have learned from this experience and adapted to the best of our ability. We have maintained a goal of continuing to offer our services to those in need and doing it safely, and with a big thanks to our patients and staff, we have been able to do that. Thank You!


Presidium at Edgestone

Presidium At Edgestone is a new construction 62+ active adult community in Frisco, Texas.  We have beautiful cottages and a variety of 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes. We cannot wait to provide our residents with great amenities and host many gatherings in our spacious clubhouse!  During these uncertain times, we are so happy to be here to assist anyone in their decision to downsize and be a part of a new and wonderful community to call home!  

The health and wellbeing of our applicants and staff is our top priority! We have begun taking an exciting virtual approach when it comes to leasing and providing useful information!  Examples include hassle-free scheduling of appointments to tour our community, social media outreach to provide helpful and knowledgeable information, and our phone lines are always on to assist with any questions or needs!  Our pre-scheduled tours are reserved for only one family or applicant at a time to ensure a personalized and safe experience!  In addition our staff and maintenance continue to thoroughly sanitize and follow the CDC guidelines to ensure our community and residents are under the best care!  After the visit, we can discuss any questions comfortably in our office or outside while practicing social distancing. 


by Rosa Orellana 

Hello to all our Celebration readers. I cannot believe summer is just around the corner!

It has been a challenge at home with a 5th grader and Kindergartner, but we have gotten through 8 weeks! It can be hard for kids to focus on schoolwork when they are at home, but we have managed to get the hang of it.

In my dining room, I have set up a small table with my computer, printer, and office phone. That is my work area. Jonathan and Sofia sit on the dining table, and I am able to keep an eye on them while I work. They can be sneaky at times when they see that I am busy; they tend to get off track.

We look forward to enjoying our evenings and weekends. My kids love the outdoors, so we must make time for them to play outside. Jonathan loves climbing trees, and Sofia follows along. For my birthday Debra and the team came by with a pleasant surprise, and when they left, Jonathan jumped off a tree. Debra said the way he jumped off looked like Tarzan!

They have spotted several nests of birds around the trees and have seen several baby birds around the floral bushes. One day they got too close to the baby birds, and it sounded like the mom was not happy; she was screeching from another tree. They still check on them occasionally, but now keep a distance. Sofia has fallen in love with them and has asked if she could keep them.

Being at home has taught me to enjoy and value even the smallest things! I really enjoyed spending Mother’s Day with my kids and husband.

It has been a lot of fun playing games on ZOOM!

I have gotten into a routine if you want to call it and look forward to joining in on the fun every day. It is hard to say which was my favorite because they were all fun in their ways. I enjoyed Name that tune and listening to Richard Barry play live music! Zoom Bingo was exciting because everyone got to play, and it would get intense at times, especially when we would do blackout.

I can tell you one thing Wheel of Fortune got my brain exercising with all those numbers! (For those that did not know I was keeping count of the points) I would get a sweat when someone would ask. "How many points do I have?" Then all the attention was on me for a second. By the third day, I was a pro at it, and I had a little system going with my pen, paper, and calculator. Don't get me wrong that one was fun too!

I am so glad that we have been able to have a little fun in the past weeks and look forward to continuing games on ZOOM and seeing all of you.


by Debra Saxon

Everybody's FAVORITE speaker, Rose-Mary Rumbley joined OVER 300 Celebration Magazine ZOOMERS on Friday, May 8th to CELEBRATE Mother's Day on Zoom. 

From her daughter's home, Rose-Mary delighted fans with anecdotes and facts about famous mothers from around the world. 
In true Rose-Mary style she spoke about these mothers gifting us with her impressions and quick wit and knowledge!

What a joy it was to hear her speak and treat us all to an afternoon of wisdom that only Rose-Mary can deliver. 
Thank you Rose-Mary Rumbley and her beautiful daughter, Jill Beam we appreciate you both so very much!


by Brendan Duffey and Brenda Kinsey

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way homes are bought and sold. Brenda Kinsey and Brendan Duffey, along with Ebby Halliday Realtors, are at the forefront in shaping industry adaptation. 

While residential real estate was, and always will be a “relationship” business, there are safe innovative “solutions” that are enabling today’s buyers and sellers to take advantage of a multitude of technologies across the entirety of the home buying and selling journey without compromising their client’s safety.  As Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES), they understand the unique needs of local seniors and value the importance of keeping them safe during these challenging times. 

For home buyers, even before COVID-19, Brenda and Brendan, frequently used video conferencing and other technology platforms to assist clients when face to face meetings were not possible. Such as the times they conducted virtual consultations for overseas buyers relocating to the area. As experienced realtors, Brenda and Brendan understand that it’s critical to get a complete understanding of the client’s needs and desires and to have a very detailed, well-planned game plan prior to touring homes. 
Now, they are providing this same virtual consultation approach for local buyers and sellers. Once they have a clear understanding of what you want to purchase, they will collaboratively and, with input from you, select several homes to preview.  If, after seeing the home, they feel it is a good match, they will use Facetime, Skype, or Zoom to provide a live virtual tour.  Once a house is chosen, you will have the option to personally visit the home, with safety precautions in place, such as wearing personal protective equipment and entering the home with proper social distancing.  Once a home is selected, the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home, including virtual notary services and curbside closings with the Ebby Halliday Companies’ title company. 
For home sellers, Brenda and Brendan make it easy to connect via video call to discuss your unique situation and goals – and to learn in-depth how your home will be prepared for sale and ultimately sold in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price possible. From photographs, virtual tours, inspections, and showings, all can be done with minimal physical contact for the safety and security of you and your home. 

During the peak of Covid-19, Brendan and Brenda wanted to do their share to ensure local seniors’ needs were being met.  They did this by placing door hangers on local seniors’ homes, offering assistance, ordering and delivering groceries, and giving blood regularly.  Brendan is now nearing his 75th blood donation.  Last year, Brenda decided to follow a long-time passion and enter the senior living industry, while Brendan managed the daily real estate business. Upon returning to real estate full time, Brenda will take her senior living experience to further help seniors looking to transition into senior living.  

Helping seniors has and will always be a passion for this Realtor team, and they look forward to continuing this care and support through COVID-19 and for many years to come.


Twin Rivers Senior Living 

The residents at Twin Rivers Senior Living having been sheltering in place, following health and safety guidelines, but have never stopped having fun.  Because, “we have no restrictions on having fun.”  During the past 2 months our residents have had a full calendar of events to stay connected socially, spiritually, mentally and physically in a healthy and safe environment.


  • Our weekly bingo cards were placed on the ledges of each apartment door and the numbers were in the calendar.  We have had weekly winners receiving gift cards and other prizes.

  • Our month-long Scavenger Hunt got people out of their apartment trying to solve the riddles and find the clues from the riddles.  The winner of the Scavenger Hunt received $100 off their rent.

  • We have had several Hallway Parties, delivering filled Easter bags; Cinco de Mayo margaritas, chips & guacamole; donuts & more to go with their morning coffee; Grab & Go day with goodie bags will with treats and surprises, including $50 off rent cards, and much more. 

  • The Blue Angels Fly Over was one of the best days, with residents coming outside waving US flags as they flew over. 

  • It has been amazing to see the creativity, kindness and cooperative spirit of our community of residents.  

  • Two of our residents created “Sharing & Caring”, a way to get to know their neighbors without getting together in groups.  They created a folder with each apartment and resident name with a space for the other residents to write an inspirational quote, something funny, favorite movie, song or book, etc.  Each resident shared and then passed it to the next apartment. When it was completed copies were made for everyone.  There were many comments of how it helped everyone feel connected to each other.  

  • We had some residents who could not have their housekeepers and family come to help them with chores like changing their bed linens or pick up groceries, so a group of residents put the word out that they would be happy to help.  They put on their gloves and masks and helped residents put clean sheets on their beds, pick up groceries and other small tasks.  

  • Our “Twin Rivers Stitchers” went to work to make masks and gave them away to those who needed them.

  • For International Nurses day our residents wrote over 100 beautiful notecards of appreciation to our first responders, the nurses at Methodist Richardson Medical Center.  Our staff delivered them to the hospital and the nurse who received them was overwhelmed with tears for the acknowledgement.  

  • Our Bible Study group continued to keep faith and spirit of the community by reading and praying together (in very small groups and social distancing).

  • All of this was possible because of the tireless work of our caring and supportive staff.  

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