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Estate Planning for Today's Families 

In Person at The SPOT or Live on ZOOM!

September 30th | 2:00PM

Call 469.532.2622 to attend Live at The SPOT at Celebration! Register today. Space is Limited. To register for the Zoom of the In-Person event, please click the button below. 

Join Us to Win! In-person attendees will be entered to win a $25 e-gift card raffle and Zoom attendees will be entered for a $10 e-gift card raffle.

The SPOT at Celebration 

1350 E. Arapaho Rd. Suite 126

Richardson TX 75081

Ah, Lucille and Henry. They had such a happy marriage with a beautiful blended family that worked so well on the silver
screen. But, we know life isn’t always like the movies, especially when it comes to your estate and who gets what and when.
In “traditional” estate planning, each spouse plans for his or her assets (or a percentage of) to pass to the surviving spouse,
with the understanding that those assets go to their children upon the death of the second spouse -- this works great IF
the spouses have only been married once AND the children involved are the only children they have together, AND the
surviving spouse does not remarry.

Join Brandon McGee from The McGee Law Firm and learn:
• How to protect your children’s inheritance IF your spouse remarries after your death.
• Why planning is needed when you have children from prior relationships so neither your spouse nor children are
unintentionally disinherited.

That is a bunch of IFs and ANDs . . .Come meet Lucille and Henry and their good friends Mike and Carol and all 25 kids (and don’t
forget Alice) as they explore the pitfalls and solutions to today’s estate planning for themselves, their spouses, and their children.

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