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Understanding Your Estate Plan Workshop

February 22nd    2:00PM | Live on Zoom

Join McGee Law Firm to learn why being unaware of the basics of your estate plan could create legal and financial headaches for your loved ones.

You have met with your attorney, and your estate plan is complete. Everything is done. Right? WRONG. Completing
your estate plan is the first step; the next step is letting your family know. Your estate plan won’t help protect your legacy and family if they do not know anything about it or how to use it.


  • Share your estate plan with the person(s) named as personal representative, trustee, or agent on your power of attorney.

  • Open up lines of communication about your estate plan to ensure that your family knows what your final wishes are regarding your estate.

  • Notify all persons involved where your estate plan documents are kept and the name of your estate planning attorney.

By drawing up a clear and thorough plan for your estate
and notifying your family, you are making your true
wishes known and relieving your family from the stress
of making future decisions on your behalf.

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