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Aware Care Network

Live in your home
The Aware Care Network provides an incredible opportunity to change the lives of elderly and vulnerable people

Do what you want 
Sensors continuously stream data directly into the Aware Care Network where it can be combined with readings from wearables and other devices.

Celebration Senior Magazine Online | Medical Services for Seniors | United States

EZ Reader by New Vision Concepts

Computers, laptops and smart phones are more prevalent than ever before. However, these devices are not designed for people with low vision.

The EZReader by New Vision Concepts is a custom, all-in-one, touch-screen computer system, that provides a simple and easy way for people with low vision impairments to easily use a computer with minimal computer skills.

EZReader Features:
• Clean, Uncluttered Screen
• Unlimited Text Size
• High Contrast Colors
• Easy-to-Use Touch-Screen Navigation

For more information about the EZReader System, please visit our website at, call 214.668.9913 or email

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Contact Name: Sim Drain IV

Phone: 972-978-4222


Chronic Venous Insufficiency is the disease nobody talks about, but many suffer from. This common disease becomes more recognizable when we think of its symptoms such as, spider/varicose veins, ankle ulcers, ankle/leg swelling, etc. Unfortunately, many individuals seek treatment for the symptoms over the disease. This ultimately leads to cycles of paying for treatments that temporarily fix the leg symptoms versus paying for treatments that solve the underlying disease. With almost 1 in 3 adults suffering from CVI or chronic venous insufficiency, Medtronic is making efforts to spread more awareness and disease education on the disease. Go to our website to learn more and to find a local treating clinic near you!

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Oak Lawn Pharmacy

Your North Texas Pharmacy Reimagined! 


Try our Med Packs: The easy and convenient way to manage your prescriptions. Say Goodbye to Sorting Pills and Hello to Medications Made Simple. 


  • Each month, we sort your pills by date and time into individual, easy-to-open packets.

  • We deliver these straight to your door at no extra cost.

  • We’ll even include any other vitamins, OTCs, and pharmacy items you need.

Oak Lawn Pharmacy
4003 Lemmon Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219
P: 214-954-7389 F: 855-716-7525

ER Near Me

Safe, Fast & Convenient

Open 24 Hours a Day | 7 Days a Week


● 24/7 Full Service ER
● Safe Alternative to Hospital ER
● Short Wait Time
● CT Lab on site
● 23 Hour Observation

15240 Dallas Parkway Dallas, TX 75248 | (469) 546-7917



5900 South Hulen Street Fort Worth, TX 76132 | (817) 398-8665


15767 North Coit Road Dallas, TX 75248 | (469) 515-7605

1905 Preston Rd Plano, TX 75093 | (469) 290-3240

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Methodist Charlton Medical Center

Modern Teaching & Community Hospital Serving Southern Dallas County

Located in suburban southwest Dallas, Methodist Charlton Medical Center is a modern teaching and full-service general acute care community hospital that has served the thriving community in Southern Dallas County since 1975.

Methodist Charlton Medical Center
3500 W. Wheatland Road
Dallas, Texas 75237

(214) 947-7777

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Power Access - Remote Control Doors 

Power Access is a Connecticut manufacturer of automatic door openers that are designed to assist the handicapped through side hinged doors.

For over thirty years, Power Access has manufactured automatic door openers and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side hinges. Wheelchair and scooter users are now able to open their doors to independence with ease and economy.​

Installation of a Power Access automatic door opener unit is usually quite simple. However, an extensive network of dealers who are familiar with the Power Access door opener is also available to select the proper unit for the application, install it and back it up with service, if needed.

(800) 344-0088

SMU Share Lab

Couples’ Health Across Adulthood Study
Funded by the National Institutes of Health, this project explores how life with a partner may affect physical health through changes to the immune and cardiovascular systems. We hope to gain knowledge that could inform future interventions to benefit the health of couples.  To qualify for the study participants must:'

  • Have been living together as a couple for at least three years

  • Be aged 25 or older

  • Be English-speaking

  • Not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding


Two study visits are required, and weekend time slots are available. During both visits, you will answer a variety of questions about your thoughts, feelings, positive and negative personal life experiences with COVID-19 and in general, demographic information, physical health, mental health, medications, diet, physical activity, personality, relationship with your partner, and other social relationships. In addition, to taking surveys you will also be asked to take part in several different conversations with your partner. Throughout each visit, we will be collecting physical and health-related information using a variety of different methods, such as using a heart monitor and completing physical tasks. Participants who complete the study will be compensated for their time. The consent forms below describe more about the study protocols and procedures.

Tom Thumb Pharmacy

Our full service pharmacy is open 7 days a week and offers:

  • Full immunization services including: 
    COVID-19, Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles & Travel

  • Accepts most insurance

  • Auto-refill

  • Monday - Friday Prescription delivery available 

  • Text messaging and reminders

  • Personalized service with counseling on both prescription & over-the-counter medications

For more information, please visit

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Total Hearing Care 

Total Hearing Care makes a positive difference in the lives of people like you who seek to improve their hearing and communication abilities. By listening and understanding your needs, we can find solutions to maximize your hearing enjoyment.

• Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

• Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

• Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

• Hearing Aid Repairs

• Cerumen (Wax) Removal

• Custom Earmolds and In-Ear Monitors


For more information and locations, please visit their website:




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Valora Medical Group 

• Personalized Primary Care for adults enrolled in Medicare

• 24/7 Access to your doctor

• Little to no wait

• Transportation to medical appointments for eligible patients

• Senior Wellness Center - Open September 2021

1250 E Pioneer Parkway
Arlington, TX 76010
Open September 2021

Grand Prairie
1004 S Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051

2049 Forest Ln #130
Garland, TX 75042

For appointments and information, call us toll free 1-844-VALORA4U.

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Experience the WellMed Difference 


Come see the difference of having WellMed on your side.

Become a healthier patient, today!
• We spend more time with you to understand your needs
• We listen, respect you and treat you like family
• We focus on helping you live your best life
• We oversee all of your care


For more information and locations, please visit their website: