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by The Parkview in Allen Garden Group

In April 2022, a resident suggested planting two underutilized plots of land as flower gardens. A committee was formed and residents donated funds to get the gardens started. Perennial plants were purchased, with an eye to color, and planted by the residents. As with all endeavors, some issues, including the irrigation system, hot weather and of course pests occurred. We were proud of our gardens which were enjoyed by all the residents and families.

Over the winter, the committee met and discussions were held regarding how the gardens could be improved.

In the spring of 2023, with a renewed purpose, the committee began to plan. Parkview removed the irrigation system. Legacy Healthcare Services and Parkview in Allen made generous donations for purchasing plants. The residents also contributed cash toward the purchase of memorial plants, potting soil, mulch, fertilizer and a kneeling garden bench.

The first plant purchase, of over 100 plants, made us realize planting was going to be a daunting task. One of the residents is a special Ed teacher and Key Club sponsor at Allen High School. Key Club members are required to work a number of volunteer hours each year. Working with senior citizens is a qualifying project. Six Key Club members volunteered to assist us. Our Asst. General Manager's daughter also volunteered to help. They spent a Saturday afternoon in early May planting the gardens. Their help was much needed and appreciated. The two generations working together was a great experience for both.

We were not finished! Two weeks later, we purchased another set of plants for border and accent color. You might say we went a little overboard with almost 400 plants. Again, we needed the Allen High School Key Club members to plant and four members volunteered. Once planting was complete, mulch and fertilizer were added.

We thought we were finished, but then decided new planters, for each of the corners, would be a great addition to the gardens. Therefore, new planters were purchased. We collected empty plastic bottles to use as filler, and then added potting soil and plants. At each end of the plots, benches were placed for residents to sit and enjoy the gardens. Birds, bees and butterflies discovered our garden and added much viewing interest.

Now we're finished.

But no, what to do with the old plastic terra cotta planters? It was suggested that they be repurposed around the pool. A base coat was painted to revive the color. One of the residents volunteered to paint a scene on each one. After completion, we used the plastic bottles as filler, top soil and plants were added to the terra cotta planters to beautify the area around the pool.

On May 31st, the garden committee hosted a garden open house for the residents, family and friends. To aid in the enjoyment of the gardens, plant markers were used to identify the various plants. All agree, it's the most colorful and beautiful resident garden they have seen.

Recently, a family of pink plastic flamingos has taken residence in the garden. Hmmmm…..

Parkview in Allen is located at: 1451 S Greenville Ave. Allen Texas 75002.

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