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CC Young, a premier senior living community located across from White Rock Lake in Dallas, is celebrating its centennial this year — a milestone few organizations can claim. Its story began in 1917, when Reverend Christopher Conley Young began his mission to care for those in most need — the elderly. This vision came to life in 1922 when CC Young’s legacy received its charter as a home for the elderly.

CC Young has now grown into a leading edge continuing care retirement community that serves 450 residents in all levels of living.

The changes at CC Young throughout the century have been dramatic and there are many yet to come, according to Jennifer Griffin, CC Young’s Vice President, Engagement. “Our team is constantly refining our campus, offerings, policies, procedures and technologies to make sure CC Young is on the forefront of senior living,” she says.

A Centennial Extravaganza Like No Other

“The life enrichment team has embraced this year-long event fully for all levels of care,” Jennifer says. “One of the most exciting events will be a multi-generational centennial-themed parade on April 2.”

“We have contacted 35 descendants of Reverend Young,” says Jennifer. “The fact that so many of them will be there is really amazing. There will also be a proclamation from the mayor, decorated cars, clowns, pom-poms, Flying Elvises, stilt-walkers, mounted police and fire trucks.”

“The added bonus is that we’re past the Omicron variant and we are able to gather again,” Jennifer continues. “It’s a perfect time for celebration.”

A Year of Joy and Celebration

“We thought, let’s highlight 100 years and 100 days, since the charter was established at the end of March 1922,” Jennifer says. “So we will celebrate a special 100 days in April, May and June, culminating with a Roaring 20s celebration in June.”

“The centennial will be celebrated all year, with each month having its own theme,” continues Jennifer. “After all the planning, we’re excited to see it coming together.”

Looking Forward to the Next 100 Years

But as jubilant as Jennifer is about celebrating 100 years, the CC Young team is even more excited about the future of CC Young.

“Retiring Baby Boomers bring expectations of more hospitality, control in making decisions, and established amenities where convenience and enjoyment are the lifestyle,” says Jennifer.”

Knowing Boomers have high expectations for technology, CC Young is evolving services accordingly. A few examples: Alexa, Touchtown, Sagely, Zoom for meetings and classes, telemed services, and much more.

CC Young also recently announced its fourth independent living residence, The Terraces. The eight-story, 137-apartment expansion will offer unparalleled choices.

“We have high expectations for how we will serve our residents, now and into the next century,” says Jennifer.

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