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Hello, Celebration People!

So, you read Celebration Magazine in print, every issue, without fail. A true Celebration loyalist.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are truly grateful.

But did you know that Celebration doesn’t stop at the printed page?

Along with the printed magazine, we have many other ways of staying up-to-date with Celebration. Our website, is our central hub where you can read our blog and learn about events or travel opportunities. Or check out our social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, to stay in the know with daily posts.

But if you aren’t social media folks, there is an easy way to keep the good times rolling, the Celebration newsletter. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, Celebration sends our newsletter to your inbox so you can keep learning, laughing, and Celebrating Life After 60.

In our email newsletter, you will find various items to keep you entertained.

Find out what is happening around town with invitations to parties hosted by some fantastic communities who know how to have a good time! If you’ve never been to The SPOT at Celebration, may I suggest you make it out sometime for some of our parties (like Rose-Mary Rumbley’s 90th Birthday Party, see invite in this issue)? Or maybe more informative events like our Lunch & Learns or lecture series? The events for the week are always in the newsletter with clickable links to register for the events.

Speaking of events, who likes to make it out to the theatre? There are always great shows at The Eisemann Center, and you can find information on upcoming shows, from plays to musicals to tribute shows and live bands. The productions at The Eisemann Center never disappoint. You can easily watch videos and write-ups about the shows, directly from the Celebration newsletter.

Do you like games? Not only do we have them in the magazine, but we also love them in the newsletter.

In the newsletter you will find easy to play games such as; digital jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, solitaire, and more. Playing games like these has been proven to keep the mind sharp and y’all have expressed your gratitude to us. We plan to keep the fun games going, for sure.

Another game we play in the newsletter is Wordle. And boy, do we enjoy Wordle. When Wordle emerged on the internet a few months back, my wife showed it to me one night over dinner. Figure out the 5-letter word in 6 attempts. When we finished dinner, I was enamored by the game and thought of you guys immediately. After we featured it in the newsletter, many of our Celebration readers started playing. Wordle fever had taken over Celebration.

I still get emails from readers who tell me how many attempts they got Wordle in that day. I love it!

Love to cook? Have we got recipes! Every Wednesday and Sunday, we feature some fabulous recipes from around the web. From easy three-ingredient desserts, fancy apps, and entrees, or maybe a cocktail or mocktail. I’ve made quite a few of the recipes we have featured. There are some gems in there; go check it out!

Everyone loves a good riddle, and the Celebration crowd is no different. Every Wednesday, expect to find a riddle at the bottom of the newsletter for you to solve. If you have a guess, email me at, and I will enter the winning answers in a monthly drawing for a $10 e-gift card.

Do you like to watch fun videos? We do, and so we include fun videos from across YouTube for you to enjoy. From Point of View videos like rollercoaster rides and parkour athletes scaling the buildings of Barcelona to inspiring stories of the 90-year woman who went skydiving for her birthday.

Maybe you’re a movie buff? Often we will feature a Free Movie with Commercials that will make you laugh… or cry. You can watch them directly on your computer or SMART PHONE. Hey, some movies just know how to get you in the feels.

Do you like to read? We’ll keep you reading! There are articles from our advertising partners, guest articles from our readers, and articles directly from Celebration’s blog.

There is so much to do, but we want to hear from you! What do you want to see?

Do you have a favorite YouTube video that makes you laugh, a favorite recipe that you have perfected, or a riddle built to stump and intrigue (I ALWAYS NEED RIDDLES) that you want to share with the Celebration Community? Send them my way. I look forward to sharing your interests with the rest of our Celebration family.

Have a great one!


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