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So, you like to take photos. Pics of the family, especially those grandkids. Beautiful scenery from your last vacation. The dinner you made visually looked a cut above. They must be shown off! That's what we do. Record our lives via photographs to tell our story.

Here's the tricky question: Are you ever going to get those photos printed? Do you really plan to text 20 people all 200 pictures from your latest adventure? If you are anything like 83% of the planet (that is a fictitious percentage, I made it up), there is a good chance your pics will live on your phone or maybe upload to a cloud, and that is where they will live, and no one ever sees them.

And then came Flickr, in their own words, is "the safest and most inclusive global community of photography enthusiasts. The best place for inspiration, connection, and sharing!" In non-marketing speak, it's an online photo album you can share with your friends and family, people you meet while on vacation, or whoever you want. Give them your web address(URL), and they can navigate your different photo albums.

Here's the nice part: Say you want to print a photo of you and your friend from your friend's Flickr. You can download it at its original size, print it and put it in a frame, or make it your computer's background. Whatever you want to do with it, you can do.

We started a Flickr page at Celebration to spotlight our Celebration Senior Travel group adventures. It's amazing looking through the pictures and seeing readers/travelers/friends I know from the Celebration Community living their best lives and enjoying themselves. Come share in the fun and check out or click the QR CODE below on your Smart Phone and see our travel pictures now.

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