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EZReader AT ALL AGES! by Gary Beene

As introduced last issue of Celebration Magazine, EZReader is an easy-to-use, all-in-one touch screen computer, document camera and custom software suite designed specifically for users with vision impairments. EZReader provides low vision users with dozens of customized applications to give unprecedented access to computer capabilities that were once out of reach for users with vision impairments!

Who can benefit from EZReader?

The answer is easy - anyone at any age with low vision issues can take advantage of EZReader to make their life easier. From helping students with classroom participation and homework completion, to improving employee productivity in an office environment, to gaining independence through performing life skills without the need for help from family or frieneds, users of any age can benefit from the ease-of-use that EZReader provides.

EZReader users range from 12 to 96 years old, showing that while vision issues often center on seniors, low vision do affect anyone at any age and EZReader can help at school, at work, or in leisure!

Windows Operating System Skills

Regardless of the whether the user is a student, an employee or a retired senior, fluency in the Window operating system is a necessary skill set when using the computer. As low vision users have discovered, most of the common Windows tasks involve hard-to-see menus, small buttons and unreadable icons. For many of those Windows tasks, EZReader provides easy-to-use replacment utilies which perform the same function but which are easier to see, require fewer steps and reduce errors - greatly increasing the users ability to easily navigate and operate Windows.

School Participation

In both classroom and remote settings, EZReader can help students succeed.

In a classroom environment, the EZReader camera can be used to zoom in on and display whatever the teacher might display on the wall, or whatever printed materials are handed out. Books may also be magnified for easy viewing.

EZReader comes with over a dozen fun and educational games, addressing both memory and motor skills. While fun to play, games provide both physical and intellectual stimulation. EZReader games also make it fun to learn to use the computer.

Workplace Productivity

At home or at a company, working low vision users can benefit from EZReader by making it easier to use the computer more quickly and with fewer errors.

Company Software

Some companies provide users with software which must be used to complete work assignments. For those cases, EZReader provides screen magnification and high contrast modes to make it easier for the employee to see and operate the company software.

EZReader Alternate Software

Conventional software is simply not written for low vision users. The EZReader suite of software replaces hard-to-see applications with easy-to-see and easy-to-use software written specifically for low vision users. Microsoft Office tools, such as a document viewer, file editor, spreadsheet, email client, and calendar are examples where EZReader offers an equivalent low-vision-friendly replacement application.

Senior Lifestyle

At any age, people with low vision want to maintain their independence - to be able to perform many of their daily activities, drawing on family or friends as little as possible.

EZReader users find themselves able to perform many tasks on their own, tasks which were once out of their reach:

• Reading books and newspapers (including Kindle books)

• Reading USPS mail

• Ordering Foods

• Writing Checks

• Paying Bills Online

• Keeping Financial Records

• Email & Text Messages - Keep in Touch With Friends & Family

• Reading labels on grocery items and medicine labels

If you or a loved one has a task that low vision makes difficult to complete, then EZReader can help, at any age!

Contact Gary Beene

Phone: 214-668-9913



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