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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

by Gary Beene

You have read that EZReader makes it easier to use a computer, but how exactly does it do that? With this article, we’ll get more specific about what is inside EZReader.

EZReader Sample Screen

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s compare the EZReader email client to Outlook, the email client in MS Office.

Here’s Outlook:

And here is the EZReader email client:

A single glance makes it clear that the EZReader screens are visually simple, use easy-to-see high-contrast colors, use built-in text magnification, and display huge icons. EZReader is easier to see and use for low vision users!

All EZReader applications look very similar to the screenshot above. Once you’ve learned to navigate in one EZReader application, you will be comfortable with all EZReader applications.

And, what are those applications? EZReader provides over 75 different applications. Here are a few popular applications.

Custom Windows Replacement Applications

Programs that we use every day, such as MS Office Word, Excel, and Outlook, are excellent tools but are not written for low vision users – the screens are too complicated, the icons and text are too small, and the menu systems are too difficult to use.

EZReader provides the same functions but with replacements applications designed with low vision users in mind. Some of the more popular EZReader applications are:

  • Book Reader

  • File Editor

  • Email Client

  • Calendar

  • Contact List

  • Camera Viewer

  • Solitaire Games (10 games total)

Custom Windows Utilities

There are many tasks specific to the Windows operating system that low vision users find challenging to complete because the number of steps required is too large, and the screen elements you must press are too small to see. EZReader provides over 40 functions that replace Windows actions with an easier-to-see and easier-to-operate interface. Some of the more valuable tools include:

  • Power Down and Restart

  • High Contrast Mode

  • Screen Magnifier

  • Speaker/Microphone Volume/Mute

  • Screen Capture

  • Clipboard Viewer

  • WebSite Launch, Navigate, Close

  • Google Search

  • Cursor Enhancements

With EZReader installed, users gain access to all available applications, but tutorials provided as part of the EZReader purchase focus on those applications for which the user expresses interest.

Gary Beene: 214-668-9913,,

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