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by Deb & Kevin Barber

Ten years ago Deb and Kevin met at work in Las Vegas. They struck up a conversation and found out that they both came from the same small town in California. In fact, Kevin's dad and Deb's mom went to high school together. What a small world.

Kevin and Deb began to spend more time together and discovered they had a lot in common. They quickly became pals and fell in love. Just a few months later, they began their journey as husband and wife.

Life in Las Vegas was filled with lots of things to see and do. This gave the new couple an opportunity to eat at great restaurants and see some amazing shows. Soon after, every time their families would come to visit, the first thing they wanted to do was plan to hit the Strip for a show or two.

The couple had an idea. What if they took those same quality shows to venues across the nation; bringing Las Vegas quality entertainment to those just like their family.

Deb shared her idea with a long-time friend Marcel, who himself was a performer. He suggested their first show, ‘Barbra & Frank, The Concert that Never Was.’ Deb had seen the show during its decade long run as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip.

"I've seen the show dozens of times and Sharon as Barbra, singing Evergreen, still gives me goosebumps!" Deb says.

And just like that, Diamond Horseshoe Productions was born. In February, 2016 Kevin and Deb debuted their very first presentation, 'Barbra & Frank' at the Fox Theater in their home town, Visalia, California. They felt it was a fitting place and perfect show to begin their journey.

From Visalia and their first show, they gradually began the search for additional venues and outstanding acts to promote.

"We love Broadway, concerts, most anything on a stage. I know what moves us, so we look for shows we love.” Deb recalls, “It was really scary. A lot of money at risk, a business we didn’t fully understand, but I knew marketing, so I figured, ‘how hard could it be?’ We didn’t know how much we didn’t know.”

Kevin laughs,“No kidding. But we immediately developed our mantra, ‘win/win.’ Be honest, treat people fairly and with respect. Thankfully we’ve met a lot of supportive and good people along the way.”

Deb and Kevin approach every presentation with a win-win attitude. The patrons win because they get high-quality shows brought to their hometown. Hometowns win because these shows put people to work and help stimulate the economy. The duo handles their company and business with care and respect, vetting shows and venues to do their best to ensure a good experience is had by all.

"One night I made it into the house to check sound or something; backstage was buzzing with activity and the seats were filling up." Kevin said. "I was moved with appreciation and joy that I get to do this, and to know that we were creating jobs and showing people a good time. What a life!”

Deb adds, “Every theater has its own personality. Who’s played there, where the cold spots are. We love hearing all the stories. As each show ended, we’d get so excited for the next one. We just kept moving forward.”

Now having presented tribute shows like Neil Diamond, The Rat Pack and John Mueller's Winter Dance Party, Deb and Kevin are looking forward and inviting all to, 'An Enchanted Afternoon with Barbra' on February 26 and Symphonic Sinatra on March 20 to round out their 2021/2022 season.

Kevin smiles, "Sounds a little like a commercial, but sincerely, thank you to all the people who've come out to our shows at the Eisemann. To their staff and crew, sound and lights folks, everyone has been amazing."

Deb continues, "We are also grateful for Celebration Magazine and the hospitality the people of Richardson, Texas and the surrounding areas have shown us. We plan to come back again and again. We love being here and hope you continue to enjoy the shows.

10 years, 5 grandchildren, a pandemic and many shows later, they're still pals, still in love and still at it with the same goal; bring the good stuff and work with people you love.

Deb and Kevin Barber live in Las Vegas, NV with their two nine year-old rescue “puppies,” Maile and Franklin. Find them at

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