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by Peggy King

I don’t drive at night because I can’t see very well. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I went shopping for yarn for a crochet project I wanted to begin. I spent too long trying to find the correct weight and color of yarn. I did buy the crochet hook I needed and one other thing. When I went to check out the line was very long and slow. When I was finally checked out, it was dark outside! On the way home I had an accident! I hit a light pole in the median of a very busy street. I knocked off the lamp at the end of the pole and totaled my car. It had to be towed. The Richardson Police Paramedics made sure I was alert mentally and physically well. The Richardson Police then drove me home. They walked me to the door and made sure I was safely in. Only unbeknownst to them and me when the front door opened a little Sparrow flew in. Later as I was on the phone reporting the accident to my car insurance company and notifying my family, I saw the Sparrow fly around the house landing on the ceiling fan above me and then my floor lamp and my then my China cabinet. My son in law suggested that I turn off all interior lights and open the door of the house to the attached garage and open the garage door and turn on the garage lights. The idea was that the Sparrow would find its way back outside. I sat in the dark waiting and then I gave up and went to bed closing all doors and turning off all lights. I lay in bed about 2AM watching something on TV to help me relax. After about an hour I thought I saw lightning flashing from my backyard. I was thinking a storm was probably on the way but thought it strange since I didn’t hear anything about it on the weather news. I decided to go out on my glass enclosed patio that adjoins my bedroom and check out the sky. Imagine my surprise and alarm when I saw two men in dressed in black using flashlights to look around my backyard! I yelled, “What are you doing?” They then walked close to the patio and said, “We’re the Dallas Police!” I could see their black police uniforms when they got up close to the glass. I told them that the Richardson Police had just brought me home because I crashed into a light pole on Coit Rd. My accident was on the Richardson side of Coit Rd. I live on the Dallas side of Coit Rd. Coit Rd. divides the two cities. They first asked if I was alright and then they wanted to know if my garage door was open earlier. I told them, “Yes, because I had a bird in my house!” By this time they were thinking I had more problems than a car accident! I then explained why my garage door was open. It seems that a neighbor riding down the alley saw my garage door open, the door to the inside of my house open, no car in the garage and all lights off except the garage and driveway lights. They thought I was out of town and was being robbed so they called the Dallas Police! The police explained that they rang the doorbell and knocked hard several times. I didn’t hear them! It’s comforting to know I live in a community with wonderful police and neighbors.

The next morning the Sparrow tried to fly out of the glass door on the patio and fell to the floor but took off again! I then fixed the patio door in an open position. Later I found him pecking away at a few crumbs left on a paper plate. I was able to direct him toward the open patio door and he flew out.

I’m reminded of an old hymn, “His Eye is On the Sparrow. And I know He watches over me!”•

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