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by Collin Wigger

Have you ever wondered what Celebration is up to outside of the awesome events we put on at The SPOT? Or did you miss an event at The SPOT and want to catch up on all the action? Consider following us on social media for updates, educational content, and more!

Let's start with YouTube, the place where I go to learn everything I don't know how to do. From changing a flat tire to reverse-searing a steak; YouTube has it all. On Celebration Magazine's YouTube page, you can find recordings of presentations given at The SPOT, or learn more about one of Celebration Senior Travel's upcoming group travel adventures. If you missed one, you could watch the video from the comfort of your home whenever you like!

You may have heard about TikTok with how popular the app has become. Celebration Magazine's TikTok has funny moments, such as clips from Last Friday's with Rose-Mary Rumbley, short informational videos about various topics that are important for seniors, and exclusive footage of events, such as the flash mob we did recently!

Facebook is great for catching up with friends, seeing pictures of family out of town, and reliving memories through old photos. You can even share memes (you know those funny pictures with the words on them that Dan puts in the newsletter?) To learn more about the newsletter, see the article in this issue.

We use Facebook to communicate to our readers all the cool things that are Celebration. We share events happening around the area for you to enjoy and the occasional funny picture, video, or joke. If you're looking for something to do to pass the time, follow our Facebook page to get instant notifications when we post new events! And don’t forget to follow Celebration Senior Travel on Facebook!

Now for Instagram. Instagram is a great way to share long and short videos, photos, stories, and more! They have a new " Reels " feature that is shorter videos similar to TikTok. We post our shorter video content here and share incredible moments from our trips with Celebration Senior Travel and events at The SPOT. Who knows, you may see yourself on social media!

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