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Whether it’s volunteering, working on an art project or getting some exercise, spending time with a person of a different generation can help us learn new things, reduce social isolation and have fun.

Intergenerational programs that bring people of different generations together for a common purpose also increase social connection, which is an important part of aging and living well. It also has been proven to be good for your health.

Beyond the social connection benefits, Generations United highlights the many benefits that both older and younger people receive from intergenerational programs, including a stronger sense of community, reduced social isolation, increased self-esteem and more. The American Journal of Public Health found that intergenerational activities that involve education and proper planning can be an effective way to reduce ageism.

Texas Health and Human Services recognizes the importance of reducing social isolation and has created several resources to help older adults and young people create intergenerational connections.

Texercise Connects, a free digital activity workbook, brings older and younger Texans together to interact, engage, create friendships, and foster growth and learning while having fun. Activities in the workbook focus on healthy behaviors (e.g., physical activity, nutrition and brain health) and creativity that can build and strengthen intergenerational relationships when performed together.

Ages United brings engaging intergenerational activities and volunteers to residents who live in long-term care settings. The Ages United Guide offers step-by-step processes for creating meaningful activities. The guide provides learning opportunities, tips for reaching out to a long-term care facility, activity ideas and tools for evaluation. There is also a guide for virtual programming.

A companion to the Ages United Guide, the Ages United Activity Planner for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) assists high school faculty in creating intergenerational nursing facility activities that align with SEL curriculum.

Explore the many ways intergenerational activities can add connection, joy and purpose to your life on the Aging Well Resources Form. Enter some basic information about yourself and select “Intergenerational” under the category menu.

Use the QR code on this page to visit to learn more about aging and living well.

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