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by Paula Ator

Maui is such a wonderful place to vacation. They call Maui the Valley Isle as it is comprised of two volcanoes, Haleakala and Mauna Kahālāwai. It is the second-largest of all the Hawaiian islands, with more swimmable beaches than any other island in Hawaii. Maui has beautiful scenery and beaches, delicious food, and an inviting culture you are immersed in from the moment you land at the Maui airport.

My family and I took a trip to Maui many years ago when our children were in high school. I remember we decided to rent a convertible for the time we were there. Our son, who had just gotten his license, loved driving all over the island in the beautiful convertible. Guess who did a lot of walking – my husband and me!

Celebration Senior Travel this November for the Maui Getaway. Everyone is so excited about the trip, especially the hotel, The Royal Lahaina Resort. Nestled on an exclusive 2,400-foot stretch of Kaanapali Beach, the Royal Lahaina Resort & Bungalows is located within the Kaanapali Resort complex in Lahaina, Hawaii. Historic Old Town Lahaina and Lahaina Harbor are 3 miles from the resort. One of the things the resort is offers is a flower lei and puka shell-making classes and feature Hawaiian and Polynesian arts and crafts.

The lei is a significant part of the Hawaiian culture. It’s custom to give lei as a gesture to say hello, goodbye, and congratulations. The lei is also worn during the traditional Maui wedding. The bride and groom are presented with a beautiful tropical lei which is usually seasonal. At the start of the wedding ceremony, the couple exchange leis – always with a kiss as custom dictates. The leis represent softness, unity, and love.

You will love Maui, whether involved in all the activities or just relaxing!

Ahui hui - Until we meet again.

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