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by Betty Strickland

My first trip with Celebration was a cruise. I have been on several cruises before, but this was so different. It felt like I had just paid my money, and sat back with nothing to do. They did everything, from Valet parking at The Spot to getting my bags into my cabin. The Cocktail Party was so much fun, and when Debra asked all of us, if we would mind if we made a side trip to the Airport to drop off one of the groups that lived in Boston (I think) so she wouldn’t have to get an Uber. Of course, we all agreed, and I was so impressed that she would even consider something like that. If I wasn’t sold on Celebration before that, I certainly would have been for sure then.

Debra Saxon cares about` each person that travels with her and her staff. She does so many little things that most people would never consider. She insists that you to come to her if you have any kind of problem on the trip.

Her moto is: WE DO THE WORK. YOU HAVE THE FUN! That says it all.

By the way, the Hospitality room in Branson was a wonderful idea. We could go in there, play games, have a drink, or visit for a while before bed.

Debra asked me one time what I liked about traveling with Celebration, and the first thing I said was that there is no tension on the trips. She told me she doesn’t allow it. We are here to have fun.

I have lost track of how many trips that I have gone to with Celebration, but the only regret that I’ve had, is that each trip comes to an end, and we have to get back to reality.

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