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by Rose-Mary Rumbley, April/May 2022

You remember your English Literature Class and decide you too can write poetry.

How does one fall? Let me count the ways.

Borrowing from Elizabeth Browning, who in her days

Of writing love poems to Robert Browning, her love so true.

Not how to love, but how to fall. I’ll be describing for you.

One can trip on a curb, so prevalent on Kroger’s lot.

Then, of course, one can slip and fall on a treacherous wet spot.

Out on the street, where booby traps lie and wait,

One never sees these hazards until it’s much too late.

Me? I was in my home, on my walker, when I fell,

I did the impossible. How I did it, I cannot tell.

It happened. “Things happen”, as they say

On God’s great earth, on which we live day by day.

There on the floor, I was screaming in pain.

No one could hear me, thus no one came.

I was able to scoot to the front door and turn the knob.

I saw my neighbor, getting her mail, and she heard me sob.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I said what they say in the ad.

I always smiled at that ad. Nothing could be that bad.

Well, it was. I had fallen and I needed immediate help and care.

My neighbor called 911, and an ambulance, soon was there.

The ER people are so kind and caring,

I was off to the hospital-sirens blaring.

I began to pray and pray and pray sincerely,

I love you, Lord, I love you dearly.

You made me, you saved me, and I know you’ll heal,

And why this happened, I know you’ll reveal.

I began to think of my audiences. I love you all,

And enjoy telling stories that I can still recall.

I’m soon to the 90 and it’s time to retire.

Retire? No! Not retire! It’s not my desire.

My desire? What foolish thinking! God has a plan for my soul.

God is almighty, all powerful, and always in control.

These hardships that happen, are unexpected, and one may think undeserved.

Still, when they happen, we’re always perturbed.

And we ask why-why Lord-I’m trying to be good.

I heed the 10 commandments and I follow you, as I should.

This will all be revealed to us, when we arrive on holy ground.

There will be a lot of “Ohhhhhh, I see now, the answer I’ve found!”

In heaven, we will meet King Solomon, the wisest man of all.

I bet he has at least 10 degrees hanging on his wall.

Then we’ll meet King David, the One God adored.

He killed Goliath. I bet David still has his sword.

There is St. Paul, St. Peter, St. John, and all of God’s men we’ll see.

And there’s God’s women -Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Salome.

But I’m here alive and slowly recovering,

And the Lord I know is truly hovering

Over me, as I prepare for my coming presentations,

One’s I plan the audience will rate-sensations.

I’m reading the President and the Freedom Fighter, by Brian Kilmeade.

He is a popular commentator on Fox and Friends and takes the lead

In bringing the news to all of us in TV land.

His book tells of the love and respect Abe Lincoln had this Black Man.

Then our good buddy, Bob Phillips, the Texas Country Reporter, tells

Stories about our blessed state, from our mountains to our ocean swells.

The book is titled, A Good Long Drive.

I plan, in my presentations to keep his stories alive.

I live one day at a time, as Matthew 6:34 directs our lives,

While we obey, seeking his will-for this we strive.

Bob has been touring our state for 50 years plus.

And to celebrate, he presents this book to us.

Stand by!! I’m coming back, God’s will allowing,

With Phillips and Kilmeade’s books, for you my audience, I hope to be wowing.

Thank you for all the messages of love and concern.

I’m praying for my recovery and for that I will learn

To be more thankful for all that I receive

And I’ll be stronger in what I believe,

And conclude as Robert Browning said, and I quote,

“God is in his heaven and all is right with the world”, please take note.

My love for you overflows from my heart,

And I pray for all of us each day, a great new start.

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