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You Know You're Old When...

by Rose-Mary Rumbley

You know you're old when you delight in recalling the past! I readily remember scenes from my childhood that today bring me much pleasure and enjoyment--one of those scenes depicts early morning with my father! Daddy got up every morning at five AM and turned the radio on to a country station. He loved the host of that program who every morning began the day with, "Good morning, friends and neighbors. We're going to have a great time together. Have you got your coffee all saucered and blowed?" Bet not all of you are familiar with that saying--"saucered and blowed?" If your coffee was too hot, it was permissible to pour a little of the hot coffee into your saucer. Then you would blow on the coffee in the saucer until it was cooler. Then you would pour the cooler coffee back into the cup, thus making the coffee in the cup the perfect temperature! Not a bad idea--once accepted in polite society.

For some reason the words, "saucered and blowed," have always stuck with me!

I was reading a book about the writing of the Constitution of the United States of America. The founding fathers knew that the Articles of Confederation were not strong enough to hold the country together, so a strong Constitution had to be written. A group got together in May of 1787 and decided that they were the chosen ones to write this great document that to this day is still serving our country. After three hot summer months and some hot debates, the Constitution was created, September 17, 1787.

We would recognize all the names of the writers, but one patriot's name was missing. Now, a few of these writers knew that Thomas Jefferson was going to be "trouble"--no cooperation coming from "Tom." He would want it to be "his way" or "no way!" Thus, it was suggested that Jefferson go to France to establish US relations with the French. With Tom out of the country, the meeting would proceed without interruption.

Jefferson did go to France, with his slave, James Hemings, who upon arrival was enrolled in a French cooking school, so that Jefferson would continue enjoying fine French food when he got home to Virginia. Only the best for him!

My favorite patriot has always been Thomas Jefferson. He was a writer, a scholar, house builder, and musician. He and Patrick Henry played violin duets for chosen audiences.

Jefferson arrived in Paris and soon brought to France James Hemings' sister Sally, as his mistress. By the way, Sally was a half sister to Jefferson's wife, Martha Waits, who died in child birth. Her last words to Tom were, "Do not marry again." He didn't. It is obvious that Martha's father, Mr. Waits, too had Sally as a mistress!

Nevertheless, the Constitution was written and Jefferson came home. Upon reading the document, he readily replied, "It won't work! You can not have TWO legislative bodies, the Senate and the House. There should only be one!"

Adams and Jefferson were having coffee together when Jefferson voiced his opinion--only one body of men in the House!

Adams calmly asked, "Why have you poured your coffee into your saucer, Mr. Jefferson?" Tom's answer came quickly, "To cool it!"

Adams responded, "That's what the Senate will do to the House!" Silence followed! Jefferson accepted the Constitution.

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