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You Know Your Old When

by Rose-Mary Rumbley

You know you're old when you remember DICK TRACY in the comics! Good old Dick Tracy came to mind the other day when I was talking to my daughter. She got a phone call on her I-Watch! Her wrist watch rang, she said "Hello!" and then she continued in conversation. Remember Dick Tracy had a two-way wrist radio? Whenever he was being besieged by the evil ones, he could call into the police head-quarters and get immediate help. The evil ones didn't have a chance.

Dick Tracy and his two way wrist radio were ninety-one years ahead of us today. We have finally caught up with him--we have the I-Watch!

This popular comic strip, Dick Tracy, was created by Chester Gould and was first published in the Detroit paper, Sunday, October 4, 1931. Dick had a distinctive hawk-like nose, narrow eyes, and a pointed chin. He always wore a hat. He was soon accepted as the symbol of law and order and the world's most famous detective.

Later, in 1934, there were Dick Tracy episodes on the radio, the sponsor--Tootsie Roll! By this time he was patterned after Eliot Ness! He always got his man! Dick Tracy comic books came out in 1939, and later, in 1964, Dick appeared on television.

Our man, Dick, got interested in law enforcement when his girl friend, Tess Trueheart's father was murdered. Tracy vowed he would get the killers and bring then to justice. This he did, and then he married Tess and gave his life to bringing justice to the world.

Remember, there were many great characters in the strip. There was Gravel Gertie and BO Plenty. In fact, the plenty family was well represented. I loved Sparkle Plenty. She was always happy. Don't forget Tracy's assistant, Fearless Fosdick! Then there was the one who was always so negative--rain pored upon him. Everyone else was in the sunshine, but the rain came upon this one who was always miserable. I knew someone just like that--gloomy at all times. Tracy dealt with them all!

Chester Gould died in 1977, and another artist took over, but the strip was never the same. As a "good-bye" appearance, Dick was featured in Blondie's 75th anniversary party, and later on, Dick was a part of a Gasoline Alley strip.

All of you with I-Watches--cheer for Dick Tracy when you make a call!

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