Classic TV Trivia Challenge Rules

Welcome to Celebration Magazine’s Zoom Games:  Classic TV Trivia 



  1. Find the link to register at, on Celebration Magazine’s Facebook, or in Celebration Emails.

  2. Fill in your information to register for Classic TV Trivia.

  3. You will receive an email by 12:00pm the day of the game with the link to join the Zoom Game.

  4. Click the link for Zoom to join @ 1:50pm.

  5. It is recommended to play on your computer because you will answer by using the zoom chat.

  6. Opening the chat function in the zoom.

    1. Put your mouse on your screen so the pointer shows.

    2. This will bring up small pictures with text under at the bottom of your screen.

    3. Click the picture that looks like a text balloon and has the text “Chat” under it. 

    4. A chat box will open on the right side of your zoom screen

    5. At the bottom of the chat box click where it says “Type Message Here”

    6. This is where you will enter your answers

  7. There will be 2 rounds of trivia. 

    1. Round 1:  All play (30 minutes in duration) Game host will ask 30 minutes worth of questions.  The top three people to enter the correct answer into the chat for each question will each receive 1 point.  The top three scorers will move onto

    2. Round 2:  The top three scorers will play a lightening round.  The first to get three trivia questions correct wins!

  8. The highest score at the end of the game wins $20 in e-gift cards and is named trivia master for the day. 

  9. 2nd and 3rd place win $10 e-gift cards



  1. Winners will receive an E-GIFT CARD, which will be emailed directly to the winner.

  2. Prizes are $10 or higher E-GIFT CARDS.


So, get ready to have some fun with Celebration Magazine and our Advertising Partner sponsors! Play Classic TV Trivia to win!!