Wheel of Fortune Rules

Welcome to Celebration Magazine LIVE's Zoom Game:  Wheel of Fortune! 



  1. Find the link to register at CelebrationMagazine.com, on Celebration Magazine’s Facebook Page and through our Email Blasts.

  2. Fill in your information to register for Wheel of Fortune.

  3. You will receive an email by NOON the day of the game with the link to join the Zoom Game.

  4. Click the link for Zoom to join @ 1:45pm

  5. Each day will consist of three games with 5 Contestants.

  6. Contestants will be randomly be selected using the Celebration Wheel.

  7. Each game will have two rounds of puzzles. 

  8. When it is your turn, you have three options, you can spin the wheel and guess a letter, buy a vowel for 250, or solve the puzzle.  The player’s turn ends when they guess a letter wrong, get the puzzle wrong, or spin lose a turn or bankrupt. 

  9. When you choose to spin you will be awarded points for each correct letter.  ie:  you spin 500 and guess the letter S.  There are 2 S’s revealed on the board so you will receive 500 per S totaling 1000.

  10. If you guess incorrect on your turn it is the next players turn. 

  11. If you solve the puzzle, you keep the points you earned during the round.  All other players go back to zero.

  12. At the end of the two rounds the player with the most points wins the game. 



  1. Each day we will have 1 winner from each game of wheel of fortune and 1 winner randomly selected by the Celebration Spin Wheel totaling 4 winners per day.

  2. Winners will receive an E-GIFT CARD, which will be emailed directly to the winner from that game’s Advertising Partner sponsor. 

  3. Prizes are $10 or higher E-GIFT CARDS.


So, get ready to have some fun with Celebration Magazine and our Advertising Partner sponsors! Play Wheel of Fortune to win!