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December 21st  2:00PM:

The Trains at Northpark

Since 1987, the Trains at NorthPark are a holiday tradition for many in the Dallas area.  With the help of Zoom, you don’t need to miss your annual visit!  Join Celebration Magazine LIVE and on Location for an exclusive tour of the Trains at NorthPark. 

January 21st  2:00PM:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Join us for a virtual tour of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum – one of the most beautiful and unique travel destinations in Southern California. Where else can you tour through an actual Air Force One airplane that served 7 US presidents, touch an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, view a full-scale replica of the White House Oval Office, or pay your respects at the gravesite of President and Mrs. Reagan? If you can’t visit in person, you’ll want to join us on this virtual tour.

The Great Depression brought unthinkable hardship and suffering to millions of Americans. This presentation explores the creation of hobo culture and life in shanty villages -"Hoovervilles"- as a means to survive the hard times.

February 23rd, 2:00PM: 

Collin County History Museum: Night in the Town

The Story of Entertainment in McKinney Then and Now, is presented by Pat Rodgers, Collin County History Museum historian. She chronicles McKinney’s earliest family gatherings of 1842, celebrating barn raising with food and dancing, to the arrival of the circus and Wild West Shows, the opening of the Heard Opera House, and the many movie theaters that followed.

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