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Tracy Alvarez 

Director of Sales 

Tracy grew up in Pennsylvania and has a degree in Psychology from Penn State.  In 1992, she made her way to Chicago to start her career in sales. After many wonderful years in the windy city,  she and her husband moved to Dallas in 2014. With family so close by in San Antonio, they both decided it was time to “thaw out" from the cold Chicago winters and they warmed right up to Texas.

With over 30 years in a sales capacity, you can expect genuine enthusiasm, sincere commitment to excellence and 5 star customer service from Tracy.  Tracy believes building strong relationships is the cornerstone to lasting partnership.

Tracy has been married for 27 years to her husband, Carlos.  they share a passion for fine dining, attending festivals, concerts and travelling when possible.  Tracy and Carlos have two daughters, Sage (19) and Jade (15).  Sage is a sophomore at UNT with a desire to be a personal stylist and Jade is a high school sophomore and a member of the varsity swim team. 

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