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by Debra Saxon

Sometimes you meet people that you just fall in love with. Doug and Pam Hakala are those people for me.

Doug and Pam started traveling with Celebration several years ago. When I first met Pam and Doug, the one thing that stood out to me, was how happy these two people are. They spread sunshine whenever they enter our building, and Doug's laughter is the most joyful sound I have ever heard!

On our Rocky Mountaineer train adventure in August of 2022, Pam and Doug began helping our team, by holding bus signs, gathering guests and helping wherever we needed.

Their volunteer service has become invaluable!

On our Branson trip, this past October, Doug and Pam also volunteered to assist our team, as we managed 150 guests. They greeted guests in the Dining Room, assisted with the Hospitality Suite each night, held up bus signs, passed out waters, and so much more.

I cannot thank Doug and Pam enough for the love and support that they give me and our entire Celebration team.

So, next time you are at The SPOT and see Doug and Pam, please shake their hands or give them a big hug...they so deserve everyone's love!

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