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by Debra Saxon

So, what do you do when you pay to travel with a group, but you are a retired nurse and there is a minor emergency? You jump in, assist with the situation, and then get hired to travel with the group!

That in a nutshell my friends, is how Angie Romero and Gail Brown came to work with Celebration Senior Travel.

Angie Romero is a RETIRED Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience working in Labor and Delivery. Angie received her RN Nursing diploma in 1972 and then went on to the College of St. Francis where she received her Allied Health Bachelor of Science degree in 1989. Angie retired from her nursing career in 2020, but has enjoyed traveling with Celebration and helping our guests, when needed.

Gail Brown is also a RETIRED Registered Nurse. Gail received her nursing degree from Michael Reese School of Nursing in Chicago, Illinois, in 1978. Gail spent a few years working as an RN in Chicago, before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1982 and then the

Dallas area in 1994, where she worked at Presby Hospital in Dallas, Baylor University Medical Center, Presby Plano, Twin Creeks Hospital in Allen and at Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Texas where she was an RN and Condition Manager Coordinator before retiring in 2017. Gail has also enjoyed getting to know our Celebration travelers and looks forward to many more trips with Celebration Senior Travel.

Thank you, ladies for all that you do! We are so thrilled and honored to have you bothl as part of our Celebration TRAVEL TEAM!

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