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by Jill Rumbley Beam

Spring has sprung! What does that usually mean for most people? It is time to get in shape!

I love walking. Every time I walk, it is my happy time. I started walking, and took it seriously, right after I had my right knee replaced. I was not able to teach Jazzercise, so I learned that walking was a happy time for me. I first started walking outside. I especially enjoyed the experience with nature but then I learned more about walking. It really helped me with the feeling of anxiety. I also experienced weight loss and it helped with maintaining my healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Then I added my ear buds and listened to my favorite tunes and that helped me increase my pace every day.

I continued to learn the advantages to walking. I found I was able to reach my training heart rate and achieve aerobic benefits. Also, the great thing about walking is, you can do it anywhere and all you need is a good pair of walking shoes. But then, I met my neighbor next door, out walking one day, and then we started walking together. In fact, she and I started a walking club. It was a great social time and sometimes after walking, we would have lunch at each other’s house.

I will say, it was not easy in the beginning because I knew if I was going to start a walking program, I had to set some goals. First, I had to make the decision to Do It! Then I learned it is important to warm up before you exercise. The first day I started with a brisk pace, I was sore the day after and I figured I needed to warm up and that might eliminate the soreness. That means I needed to start this program safely and have a plan. Then I started monitoring my heart rate and it was to my amazement that I could get my heart rate up walking and burn fat and calories too. Finally, my friends helped me stay motivated!! Also, safety in numbers!

I tried to think of many excuses, when I did not feel like walking. For example, I do not have time to walk. I know it is important that I make time because of the health benefits I gain while walking. On those days that I did not feel like walking, once my feet hit the pavement, I had so much energy afterwards.

I learned some safety tips too about walking. I learned listen to my body. I learned it is important to do a gentle warm up, before walking. I also take a water bottle with me because small amounts of water are recommended while walking. I found that my walking was better for me two hours before or after meals.

The warm up exercises I do, prior to my walk is to stretch my calf, hamstring, quadricep, and lower back. The warm ups help to eliminate soreness, after your first walk, especially.

Now, I knew I had to stay motivated! I had to overcome some obstacles, like my mind playing tricks on me, telling me I do not want to walk. Then I think about the wonderful health benefits of walking. I created a schedule and I tracked my progress. Then I say my positive walking affirmation, every time I walk. “I am getting better every day and I am unstoppable force of nature! Then I found different places to walk, not the same route every day! I especially enjoy walking at the Arboretum, so I can also get nature dizzy. I also love walking at the local mall, where I can shop as well! Find a trail, where you might walk. Having worked for Dallas Parks for 28 years, there are many beautiful trails that you can discover!

If you slip off your program, you develop, forgive yourself and begin again! Then reward yourself. Sometimes I walk to the local Dairy Queen and treat myself to a blizzard!

And just remember…life has not remoted control…you must get up and change it!

Happy Walking!

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